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The People and Events Directory offers a community where you can connect with other teachers with similar interests and share knowledge and experiences of using iTEC Learning Activities.   more..

With the iTEC Directory you can...

    Find resources to improve your teaching practice
  1. Find support in developing advanced learning design skills, while improving the use of information and communication technologies (ICT) in the classroom.
  2. Identify and make use of events during learning activities: a way to make students more interested in the topics they are studying.
  3. Identify trainings and continuing professional development (CPD) opportunities in your region.

  4. Promote your initiatives and publish your resources
  5. Gain visibility by promoting a favourite technology, service or technical tools you use in the classroom.
  6. Promote self-organised events or activities taking place at your school (e.g. competitions, fairs, etc).
  7. Event organizers can promote regional and national events.
  8. Post links to videos through which you share your experience and teaching practices.

  9. Become a member and benefit from networking
  10. Be part of a dynamic multi-cultural community. Easily identify and contact (or be contacted by) peers and experts outside the school (locally or from other countries), willing to contribute to teaching and learning activities.
  11. Persons traditionally not involved in the learning activity can more easily express their willingness to participate in the learning process.
  12. Become part of a teachers' network and be contacted to take part in a wide range of training opportunities from across different European Schoolnet (EUN) projects (including workshops, courses, summer schools, and online or face-to-face events offered at the Future Classroom Lab). Teachers may also receive invitations to participate in new EUN projects.
  13. Be invited to become a certified Future Classroom Ambassador in your country.
Training and support material:
      Website with a collection of training and support material.
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